Christmas in July Advent Calendar
Day 10: Australis Velourlips & Lush Eyeliner/Mascara

I’m… not so good at the Bodyshop. No sir. But I wanted these for my own use so here! Maybe take!
First are six lipsticks, based on the ultra-matte Velourlips line from Australis. If they look a little flood-filly, it’s because… they are. Velourlips is like floodfill irl. They’re very bright and might not suit all Sims. They’re on an alpha by Trapping because it’s actually perfect and looks good on all skintones.
Next are some eyeliners and mascara based on Lush’s makeup line - although I realised afterwards that actually a lot of the brighter colours I picked were meant to be lip products. Oh well! There are two forms of the eyeliner and they both look the same - one set is binned as eyeliner and the other set is binned as eyeshadow. You can have both. They look good as eyeliner paired over eyeshadow, or as eyeshadow worn with…
… mascara. This is actual, true mascara; by which I mean it changes the colour of your Sims’ eyelashes. Their real eyelashes, the black ones that you can make longer/shorter in Bodyshop. They are very bright and flashy and look good on alien Sims. Dina is wearing pink mascara with orange eyeliner, for example. The mascara is binned as eyeliner and should not change any other part of your Sim’s appearance.


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