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Oh dang, while we’re doing WCIFs, where did you find the awesome chairs in this picture (the ones at the tables not by the computers)? :)

They’re part of Veranka’s 3t2 University Life conversions. Links can be found in this post.

Thank you!!


That’s an awesome generator! Thank you!!

Here’s a funny outcome I’d like to share (I think that poor sim will never talk to a person ever):
"Striking eyes. Loves to wear yellow. Only meets new people by chatting online. Techno-phobe; greatly dislikes modern technology - no computers/cell phones/microwaves/etc. Flaky. Favourite food is coffee."

Thank you! And also, hah!! That poor Sim… maybe they hate computers slightly less than they hate social interaction? ;) One that kept popping up for me when I was testing it was “Vegetarian. Dislikes animals of all kinds.” Hmm… Obviously not vegetarian for ethical reasons then…

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Sims 2 Community Lot To Do List:


I needed more inspiration for my community lots so I went through all of the jobs in the Sims 2 and organized them by where they would take place. I thought I would share what I came up with (I left out some of the sillier jobs and some jobs are listed more than once)

Now, to find time to actually build…

Town Hall

  • Door-to-door poller; campaign worker; intern; lobbyist; campaign manager; city council member; state assembly person; senator; mayor; ambassador’s intern; education minister; city planner


  • Lag glass scrubber; test subject; lab assistant; field researcher; project leader; inventor; sea lice research assistant; rat keeper

University-based Laboratory

  • Scholar; marine biologist; theorist; unnatural cross breeder; dinosaur cloner

Military Base Laboratory

  • Top secret researcher; conspiracy theorist

Gold Course

  • Golf caddy

Gas Station

  • Gas station attendant

Convenience Store

  • Convenience store attendant

Record Store/Music Store

  • Record store clerk; piano tuner


  • Studio musician; rock god; home video editor; freelance photographer; cartoon voice

Movie Studio

  • Dance video star; screen test stand-in; body double; bit player; commercial actor/actress; supporting player; leading man/lady; blockbuster director; icon; paparazzi


  • Broadway star; concert pianist; symphony conductor; ventriloquist; juggler; back-up dancer; pop’n lock performer; interpretive dancer; world class ballet dancer

Art Studio

  • Canvas stretcher; art forger; acclaimed muralist

Art Museum

  • Conceptual artist; visionary; acclaimed muralist

Nature Center

  • Algae hunter; spelunker; rogue botanist; soil identifier; ecological guru


  • Whale tracker; clam wrangler; fish chummer; dive master; underwater demolishionist; deep sea fisherman; protector of whales


  • Street caricaturist, souvenir whittler; street hawker; numbers runner; pickpocket

Parking Lot

  • Parking lot attendant


  • Bookie; battle of the bands judge; standup comedian; roadie; lounge singer

Comic Book Store

  • Comic book penciller

Wedding Venue

  • Wedding photographer; master of ceremonies

Fashion House

  • Fashion photographer

Occult Shop

  • Psychic phone pal; tarot card reader; hypnotist; medium; douser; horoscope writer


  • Exorcist; cult leader

Law Firm

  • File clerk; paralegal; law firm receptionist; legal secretary; personal injury attorney; legal biller; family law attorney; international corporate lawyer; entertainment attorney


  • Noob; button masher; trash talker; gold farmer; flag capturer; platform jumper; leveler; real time strategizer; guild leader; game designer; blog writer; internet movie critic

Coffee Shop

  • Barrista; coffee shop sound engineer; lounge singer; stand up comedian

Summer Camp

  • Summer camp music teacher

SimCity Times Office

  • Blog writer; internet movie critic; fact checker; obituary writer; horoscope writer; sports columnist; investigatory journalist; magazine editor; media magnet


  • School crossing guard; playground monitor; teacher’s aide; substitute teacher; elementary school teacher

High School

  • Science teacher; high school teacher; high school principal; yearbook  club supervisor


  • University guest lecturer; college senior professor; college dean of students

Dance Studio

  • Interpretive dancer; tap dancer; ballroom dancer; flamenco dancer


  • Aerobics instructor; jazzercise instructor; locker room attendant

Construction Site

  • Cement mixer; bricklayer; foreman; head of construction company

Real Estate/Architecture Office

  • Architect’s apprentice; draftsman; architect; architectural partner; master architect

Stadium/Sports Center

  • Team mascot; minor leaguer; rookie; starter; MVP; superstar; assistant coach; coach; hall of famer; waterperson; locker room attendant

Office Building

  • Gofer; mailroom technician; executive assistant; field sales representative; junior executive; senior manager; vice president; president; CEO; business tycoon

Police Station

  • Cadet; patrol officer; desk sergeant; vice squad; detective; lieutenant; police chief; police psychic; gum shoe; private eye; crime scene investigator; surveillance opperator

Nursing Home

  • Nursing home attendant


  • Orderly; emergency medical technician; paramedic; nurse; intern; resident; general practitioner; specialist; surgeon; medical researcher; chief of staff

Recruiting Office

  • Recruit training corps

Military Base

  • Recruit; elite forces; drill instructor; junior office; counter intelligence; flight officer; senior officer; commander; general; UFO investigator; rookie field agent; field agent; double agent; elite operative; Head of SCIA

Launch Pad

  • Astronaut


  • Security office

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Ta-dah! I’ve been meaning to make this ever since I found this site.

This generator will spit out a list of 6 attributes that will expand on your Sims; 2 for appearance (roughly grouped into “things they can control” and “things they can’t”), 2 for in-game effects (“behaviour” and “preferences”), 1 personality quirk that can help influence how you see/write that Sim outside of gameplay, and 1 random favourite. I feel this differs from other character generators because it’s made with The Sims in mind; every result is achievable through gameplay/custom content/mods and can directly affect how you play that Sim.

I made this with pre-existing Sims in mind - so theoretically any existing Sim could be modified to fit the results without having to change their genetics, facial structure, personality points or aspiration - although some require custom content or some minor tinkering in SimPE (like for height). I recommend using the generator when your Sim ages up to child so you can start forming an idea of your Sim’s personality. That being said, you could use it to make Sims in CAS too.

It’s designed for Sims 2, but I’m sure TS3 players could use it, it’s just a couple of the fields would cross over with traits/moodlets.

There are 41 different possible outcomes in each of the 6 fields so you should get pretty varied results!

I hope someone else finds this useful! :)



Is there any way to hide those small blue plumbbobs above the heads of group members? (It came with NL) Also, I’m looking for a mod to have more than 8 sims invited to a party and more than 8 in a group. Can anybody help?

Huge parties:
(Sims 2>Fixes>Generic>Throw Massive Parties)

Hide plumbbobs: By Javiera, website is down, get it here:
However, this version removes all plumbbobs. It’s the closest I can find.

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I retextured the “Wrap Arm Dress” for teens and turned it into a default. I wanted something kind of formal but not TOO formal…? Anything was better than the original… with the weird babies on the trim and textures that made me think of frosting. (the pink one, at least)

ANYWAY. The defaults use the blue, pink and white recolors. If you don’t want defaults I’ve got a set of custom ones too, which includes a few more colors. :) I repainted the shoes to try and make them more interesting than the maxis ones. :/

This is a Base-Game Maxis recolor. No mesh, yayyy. :D

Download Default

Download Custom

Wow I could not tell that was the same mesh! Awesome

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DOWNLOAD: Rocket Horse's Simlish Chalkboard Writing

When I came across these, I wanted them so bad for TS3 that I reblogged them with a promise: if Rocket Horse gave me permission to use them, I would learn how to convert items to TS3 to have them. Thankfully, she said yes, and gave me permission to not only convert them, but share them with all of you!

So here they are: Rocket Horse’s Simlish Chalkboard Writing!

  • Eight variations: “Ask About Our [Burgers/Cupcakes/Milkshakes],” “Top Pick!” and “New!” speech bubbles, “Tea & Coffee” menu and two versions of “Today’s Specials.”
  • 1 recolorable channel
  • Located in Decor > Wall Decorations
  • §3
  • Mesh Credit: aikea-guinea
  • And naturally, credit for the original TS2 object goes to rockethorse

Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own, please credit Rocket Horse and myself if you upload them with projects (and feel free to tag us in posts) and, most importantly, enjoy!

Sims3Pack: Download

Package: Download

Need testers for Simlish Blackboard Writing.


Finished converting rockethorse's Simlish Blackboard Writing, just need a few testers to make sure everything's on the up and up (this is my first piece of custom content ever, so it's entirely possible I f***ed it up). Any takers?



Holy crapnuggets, I did it! I converted my first piece of cc! Yaaaaaaay!



Holy crapnuggets, I did it! I converted my first piece of cc! Yaaaaaaay!


Oh, I just thought of something I want! It would be awesome if tourists/BV locals were in the pool of Sims you could chat online with, even if you hadn’t met them before. You could meet a penpal online from overseas and invite them to stay with you if you got to know them well enough. Or you could travel and meet up with them yourself! Ah, if only!